Service is our commitment!

Innovative batteries and storage systems are HOPPECKE's greatest passion. To enable our customers to enjoy absolute peace of mind when it comes to energy availability, HOPPECKE has developed another passion - service.

HOPPECKE service offers you security through a varied service portfolio. Our service portfolio extends from ensuring the operational fitness of products through to individual energy management solutions with guaranteed energy availability. Our comprehensive service covers all requirements in the product lifecycle, is tailored to your requirements and fully satisfies your needs and preferences. Our highly trained service technicians, who have learned their job from the bottom up, will support quickly and on the spot.


Reactive Service Packages Trouble shooting, fixing problems and provide optional solutions.
Time Based Service Packages Maintenance contracts to assure the performance and availability of your energy system.
Proactive Service Packages Energy contracts, remote monitoring.


Why choose a service from the specialist? The benefits for you at a glance :
 - High flexibility and rapid assistance thanks to an extensive service network
  - Innovative energy solutions and a wide range of customer-focused, industry-based service packages
  - Qualified personnel in possessions of the latest knowledge and product know-how
  - A one-stop shop for all services straight from the manufacturer
  - State-of-the-art diagnostic tools, efficient test and measuring methods and up-to-date assembly and adjustment procedures
  - Maximum energy availability and low downtimes thanks to our appropriate preventive maintenance services
  - Improved safety for personnel, users, operators and capital equipment

Services Contact

24/7 Service Hotline       : +65 6890 6980 Mr Win

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